Friday, February 17, 2006

Questions about USA Today

I have some questions about how important being named to the USA Today All American Team is. Now, don't get me wrong because I think it is a great honor, and many of the people that are named to the team are great people and have contributed to improve the University.

But, the question I have is how important are the rankings to other schools. For example, the University boasts that it has more people named to the team than any other university in the country. But, does Harvard actually care about how many people are named to the team? I don't know in all honesty.

I'm not taking away at all of the honor that these people deserve. I would love to be a USA Today All American. I'm just wondering how important these types of things are in the long run.

From the University's standpoint, I guess this can be used as a recruitment tool to help get more and better students to the University. That's always a plus. So, I guess these rankings do help us. I just think we may need to keep some of this in perspective.


Blogger Meggs said...

Ah...I can see where your train of thought was this morning. I am with you on this as well. While it is my job to promote awards and winning, it also makes me question if I am in the right position. As a PR guy, I don't want to be greatly humble and meek. I want to put Martin Methodist Athletics out in front of everyone's nose and continue to win conference championships and make it to the national tournament with hopes of winning another national championship. I take pride in being a part of five conference championships, a regional championship and a national championship on the college level, and also being abel to promote more than a handful of All-Americans in such a short career, BUT at the same time, I question this pride. I question these awards. We should not be taking pride in these things - one of the main reasons I have quit wearing my first championship ring. I found myself depending too much on wearing it. I instead wear a braclet made by a member of our national championship soccer team, to remind me of feeling as a part of the team and the friendships gained, not on winning a championship. I don't know, I guess I struggle with this balance of humility in personal life and pride in professional life. I don't think there is really supposed to be two lives, but one. Maybe not where you were going with your post, but I can see why taking strong pride in awards like this can lead to a post about being fake. Keep blogging man!!! I enjoy reading.

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